Title: University of Michigan School of Law Research Guides Not On LibGuides
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Description: How do I Find IRS Letter Rulings? Researching Federal Patent Law Guide. How do I Find the Date for Early Supreme Court Decisons? How do I Use KeyCite? How do I Use Shepard's. How do I Use the CCH Research Network? How do I Use the Congressional Record? American Legal History Resources. Sources of Legislative History for Michigan. Federal Environmental Law Research. Afghanistan Law Guide. British Statutes, Bills, and Staturoy Instruments. Mexico Legal Research. Statutes, Bills, and Statutory Instruments for Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Researching the Law of the European Union. European Union - Secondary Source Research. Transnational Legal Research. Introduction to Sources of International Law in the University of Micigan Law Library. How do I Find United Nations and League of Nations Treaty Series Documents? Researching International Human Rights. A Quick List of International & Foreign Legal Resources Online. Finding People Research Guide. Guide to Researching Issues in Natural Resources Law.
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