Title: Pepperdine University School of Law Library Research Guides
Url: http://lawguides.pepperdine.edu/
Description: Administrative Law. The American Arbitration Association
Library and Information Center Collection. Arbitration Awards Decisions: Print and Electronic Sources. Getting Started With Dispute Resolution Research. International Arbitration. California Legislative History. Clinical Law Research Guide. Communications Law. American Legal History. Comparative Constitutional Law Research Guide. Domestic Violence Seminar Research Guide. Environmental Sustainability Law & Policy Research Guide. Federal and State Court Cases on the Internet. Federal and State Regulations on the Internet. Federal and State Statutes on the Internet. Research Guide: Canadian Law. Introduction to Foreign, Comparative, and International Law (FCIL) Research. Research Guide: Human Rights. Researching Foreign Law in the Global Justice Program. Research Guide: United Nations Legal Materials. Bioethics Seminar. Entrepreneurship & Small Business Research. Research Guide: Law and Religion. Clinical Law Research Guide. First Year Law School Guide. Guide to the Law Library for Faculty Research Assistants. Legal Research Tips for Upper-Division Law Students. Prepare for Legal Practice. Tolerance, Multiculturalism & the Law. Research Guide: Law and Religion. National Security Law, Terrorism, and the Law of War. Using the Law Library Catalog. Formatting Your Brief: Help with Frequently Asked Microsoft Word Questions. The Bluebook. Preparing a Federal Legislative History. Using the Law Library. Sports Law Research.
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