Title: Southern Illinois University School of Law Library Research and How-to Guides
Url: http://www.law.siu.edu/lawlib/guides/index.htm#research
Description: Using the SIU Law Library Website for Legal Research. Finding Books and Videos in the Law Library. Finding Articles in the Law Library. Using LegalTrac to Find Legal Articles. Current Sources for Federal Court Decisions. Using a West Digest to Find Cases by Subject. Steps In Using a Print Shepard's. Steps In Using a Statutory Code. Publication of Statutes. Publication of Illinois Statutes. Publication of Federal Statutues. Finding and Printing a Uniform Act in Illinois. Using the Table of Contents for Statutes on Westlaw. Using the Table of Contents for Statutes on LexisNexis. Comparing Publication of Federal Statutes and Regulations. Steps In Using the Code of Federal Regulations. Comparing the Publication of Illinois Statutes and Regulations. Researching Illinois Administrative Regulations. Federal Legislative History: Documents & Sources. Using CIS/Annual for Federal Legislative History Research. Comparing Federal & Illinois Legislative History Research. Illinois Legislative History Research. Types of Internet Sites Used for Legal Information & Research. Legal Research on the Internet: Primary Sources.
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